Fashion is something that comes from within you.

I personally believe in being absolutely comfortable with whatever I wear. I don’t believe in following the trends of the season just for the sake of it, while being uncomfortable in my attire. I also don’t believe in spending a lot of money in something I can’t wear on more than one occasion. Many girls out there swear by a pair of jeans and a white top to save the day but I personally I’m a big fan of the evergreen, beautiful yet comfortable black tights from Zara (leggings). On some occasions, I prefer leggings – body fitting denim jeans which goes well with a western top or a semi-casual Indian ethnic kurta.

Style is a reflection of your attitude and personality. Create your own style which is visually appealing to others. Even the best of attire would look out of place when one tends to dress up or dress down for an occasion. Style is more than what you wear, it is how one carries oneself off, it is one’s confidence and attitude. So be in control of what you wear and how you carry it off.

Simple clothing can be made fashionable by accessorizing it correctly with bracelets, chains, earrings, scarfs & jackets. For men, the Nehru jacket is extremely stylish, comfortable and also keeps you warm during winter. It also never goes out of fashion – An evergreen trend statement!

Here are a few things I follow-

  1. Accessorize with bright colors
  2. Shoes don’t have to always match – When in doubt, nude colors are best
  3. Have a good stylish semi- formal coat




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